Alerting System for Chemical Health Threats (ASHT I/II)



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The main objective of ASHT research project is the design and testing of a rapid alert system for health threats caused by chemical agents, especially when chemicals have been deliberately released by terrorists (EU-RAS-CHEM).

The leading project partner is UK Health Protection Agency (HPA), Didcot (UK). Further partner are  the poisons centres in Göttingen (UMG-GOE), Lille (CHRU), London (GSTFT), Prague (GFH) and Vilnius (HESC), and the European Association of Poisons Centres and Clinical Toxicologists (EAPCCT). The WHO, Geneva, cooperates as an associate partner.


ASHT is funded in part by the European Commission (European Union Public Health Programme).

EU-RAS-CHEM will run on a server at the DG-SANCO in Luxembourg.

The project is organized in 7 workpackages (WPs).

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The project phase II was finished in September 2011. A main result of the project work is the

The work is continuing in the third project phase (ASHT III) that has started in 2012. ASHT will also be partially funded as Public Health by the European Commission.